From the airport, to the office, to your doorstep, Royal Stone Limo can get you there in style.


When you are looking to make your next wonderful limousine rental, you need to find yourself a great limo service company. Here at our Lisle Royal Stone Limo store we have everything that you will need. Each of our limos that are available has great features with attached wonderful prices too. It doesn’t matter if you only need a limousine to go to and from the airport or whether you only want to go out for a party or any other event. Whatever your limousine needs is we will meet them for you. All of the services that we offer are provided with excellent quality and all of the drivers that we have are experienced professionals that provide excellent customer service as well.

Our company has a variety of different limousine which will take care of each individual customer that we have. Our Lisle Company offers many limo rentals for a variety of occasions including medical appointments, birthday parties, shopping, proms, business and/or company events or parties, nights out on the town, or anything else that you could need or want.

Each limousine driver that we have with our company is safe and experienced too. Each one of them knows how to provide wonderful customer service with each limousine that is booked. Along with meeting each expectation of every customer, there are also free quotes offered before each and every booking of a limo with our company. By doing this, you will be prepared for the cost of your limo rental and you can see our affordable prices as well. Another great part of the Royal Stone Limo Company is the Loyalty Program. This program, after 4 limo rentals, offers our customers a 5th rental for half the price. This is a great program for anyone who needs a limousine rental on various occasions.

If you are looking to book your next limo rental with a wonderful company, you have found what you have been looking for. Our Lisle Royal Stone Limo Company has everything you need with a limousine. We have wonderful limos, great features, experienced drivers, and fine prices too.

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